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xabotics is an ai and asic combined easy to use but most rewarding online crypto mining platform

about us

How is Xabotics EXTRAORDINARY?

We are using the most advanced technology in cryptocurrency mining. Our AI powered miners automatically switch to the most profitable cryptos in seconds to maximize our profits in the mining industry. By working with the mining equipment manufacturers we can turn on new miners in minutes if the demand rises.

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Cloudflare DDoS attack protection,
Comodo military grade data encryption

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Multiple payments available like Perfect Money,
Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on!

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profitable mining packages

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    • 4.25%

      hourly for 24 hours$10 - $99.99

      102% in 1 Dayprincipal included

    • 4.29%

      hourly for 24 hours$100 - $499.99

      102.96% in 1 Dayprincipal included

    • 4.38%

      hourly for 24 hours$500 - $999.99

      105.12% in 1 Dayprincipal included

    • 4.55%

      hourly for 24 hours$1,000 and more

      109.2% in 1 Dayprincipal included

    • 1.00%

      hourly for 120 hours$25 - $99.99

      120.00% in 5 Daysprincipal included

    • 1.05%

      hourly for 120 hours$100 - $499.99

      126.00% in 5 Daysprincipal included

    • 1.09%

      hourly for 120 hours$500 - $999.99

      130.80% in 5 Daysprincipal included

    • 1.20%

      hourly for 120 hours$1,000 and more

      144% in 5 Daysprincipal included

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See the mining profitability when using Xabotics AI Miners. Just enter your deposit amount and choose the mining plan you like!

Who is Xabotics?

We have an experienced team of crypto mining & investment and also in AI development experts working in the UK

team member
team member
team member
team member

A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a lost cause because of all the companies that failed since the 1990’s. I hope it’s obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we’re trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system.

Satoshi Nakamoto - Founder of Bitcoin

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For security measures we have added CAPTCHA to several parts of the website. This is made to...

2019-02-12 07:46:50

Perfect Money back online!

We have re-enabled all Perfect Money deposits! Also from now on, withdrawals will be also...

2019-02-06 19:18:25

Bounty Program

Xabotics Bounty Program

We are happy to announce the Xabotics...

2019-02-01 18:30:37

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